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Fred Dickey lives in Cardiff-by-the-Sea in San Diego County, California, and is currently a special columnist and in-depth contributing writer for the UT (Union-Tribune) newspaper in San Diego. 

He has served as Sunday Editor, the San Jose Mercury News; Executive Editor, The Anchorage Times; Editor, the Oakland Tribune; and as an editorial manager of the San Diego Union. He has been a published novelist, and a prolific magazine writer.  

He is a former president of the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors, and a former President of the Alaska Press Association.

Fred is married to Kathleen Dickey (Kathy). She is a microbiologist whose name is on nine U.S. patents. Fred and Kathy share 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

He grew up in DeKalb, Illinois and graduated from Northern Illinois University (B.S.) and Norwich University (M.A.).

Fred was the founder and president of Public-Interest Media, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating educational video programs for at-risk youth.

He initiated the refurbishment and re-dedication of the Georgia Dickey family and slave cemetery.

Fred travels the world, and is a ceaseless California explorer. He is interested in history, especially the Civil War era, California history, and the Oregon Trail era.

He is a former documentary judge of the Emmy awards.

He has been interviewed on several TV and radio programs about his stories, including Forensic Files.

Forensic Files, 2004, "Nailed." Link: IMDb Forensic Files, Nailed

Link to Fred's latest book on Amazon: Days of Hope, Miles of Misery.

Fred's Amazon Author Page: Fred Dickey, author

Go to Fred Dickey's book on to learn more about giveaways, events, reviews and other information about this book.

Fred Dickey's Facebook Page: Fred Dickey, author


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