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FIRST PLACE, Laramie Award for Western Historical Fiction, Chanticleer International Book Reviews.

Days of Hope, Miles of Misery - Love and Loss on the Oregon Trail


Reader's Favorite, 5-Star Reviews (3) and eligible for Historical Fiction Award for book, Days of Hope, Miles of Misery - Love and Loss on the Oregon Trail


Reader's Favorite, 5-Star Review for book, Death On A Dark Street.


Lifetime Achievement Award, Northern Illinois University; For Distinguished Service to the Journalism Profession.

Print Journalist of the Year, Runnerup, Los Angeles Press Club.


Society for Professional Journalists, San Diego


San Diego Press Club

Society for Professional Journalists, San Diego

Special Award; Diversity Prize: "Hopefulness Lives Among the Homeless."

Judge's Comments: "Dickey shines an unblinking, uncompromising light on the homeless, with empathetic observations and quotes from people he spoke with.

Judge's Comments: "Dickey is a fine writer who has a penchant for writing about people who are too often ignored by the rest of society (and by most journalists)."

First Place, Environmental Story:   "Franklin might lose the only home he's ever loved."

Judge's Comments: "Dickey's columns all seem to be great. This one brings an environmental story about the Bald Eagle to a personal level for readers."

Judge's Comments: "Written in Dickey's usual engaging style, this is a page-turner of a story that includes an interview with a young man who killed two students and wounded 13 when he was 15 years old. Dickey puts the conversation into a narrative -- no easy Q&A format -- and sidebars feature input from authorities and experts, and a story about the survivors. Fantastic package. World class journalism on an absolutely local scale."

Judge's Comments: "Dickey makes the reader feel like he really knows the boxer and what he's thinking before his fight. The writer also puts it all in context -- the long odds, the tough neighborhood and more."

Second Place, Health Story:   "Face to Face"

Judge's Comments: "Amazing writing. Again."

Second Place, Multicultural Story: "Vista man throwing off the shackles of illiteracy."

Judge's Comments: "Very nice. The columnist lets the subject's voice tell the entire story, with very little interjection."


Los Angeles Press Club: Runner-Up, Print Journalist of the Year Award

Los Angeles Press Club: Southern California Journalism Awards 2005: 


Los Angeles Times Magazine. "A Final Resolution."

Comments: "Fred Dickey tells Howard Wildfang's story in a compelling narrative read that takes the reader along Wildfang's journey after he makes the decision to take his own life. The story is as uplifting as it is sorrowful, yet through Dickey's prose, the reader comes to understand, if not appreciate, the reasons for Wildfang's decision."

Society of Professional Journalists ? San Diego Chapter 2005:

Feature Story or Series

FIRST PLACE: Fred Dickey, Los Angeles Times Magazine, "A Final Resolution"

Judges' Comments: "Wow! What a moving, thoughtful, well-written piece. I wish I had known Howard Wildfang and somehow this story makes me feel that I do. It also offers an insight into why a person might choose to end his own life. Thank you for this intimate reading experience."

Investigative/Enterprise Story or Series

FIRST PLACE: Fred Dickey, Los Angeles Times Magazine, "Going, Going, Gone"

Judges' Comments: "The use of expert quotes to reflect and comment on the letter, its impact and consequences was an excellent device. How so many stakeholders could have been denied access to the process that resulted in the letter raises the specter of ethical breech without the need to vilify Gray Davis with rhetoric. An ethical, thorough and exemplary exposure of a controversial decision."

 Science/Technology/Health Story/Series

FIRST PLACE: Fred Dickey, Los Angeles Times Magazine, "The OD MD"

Judges' Comments: A human, personal account of an unknown yet serious problem. Great detail!

Former judge of the Emmy Awards

Citizen of the Year - Oakland Black Ministers Association.

Citizen of the Year - San Jose Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce

Eleven first-place awards - California Newspaper Publishers Association

Editor & Publisher magazine - First place, national contest for newspaper marketing research

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